What We Offer

When you want to build the home of a lifetime, it helps to have someone on your side who’s been doing this for a lifetime. With more than 30 years of experience creating luxury homes for families in the greater Houston area, Sims Luxury Builders offers:

  • Thorough and accurate build budgets and timelines
  • Smarter building methods and materials
  • Access to a loyal, dependable and high-quality subcontractor base
  • A dedicated project manager and construction manager team to oversee every detail of your build
  • An organized and transparent process using collaborative construction management software
  • A close, supportive, and mutually respectful relationship with your architect

Whether you’re just beginning to consider a project or whether you’re ready to get started, talk to us. We’ll make sure you get the utmost value at every stage of the process, and we know exactly how to make building your own custom home as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

Talk to our team about your dream custom home:

When you hire Sims, you’re not just hiring a contractor.

We are advocates
We are trusted advisors
We are negotiators and stewards of our homeowners' resources
We are liaisons
We are teachers
We are sounding boards and think tanks
We are mentors to the trades
We are project managers
We are problem solvers, in the field and otherwise
We are motivators and expediters
We are quality controllers
We are optimists in the face of constant challenges
We are team builders.

We are your builders.