The relationship between a great architect and a great builder is a powerful thing. Together, we can take a wisp of an idea and turn it into a living, breathing, beautiful home.


Like all relationships, this one must be built on mutual trust, respect, and admiration. We love to work hand-in-hand with gifted architects: their vision, creative energy, and passion give our work life. And architects love to work with Sims Luxury Builders because they know how much we care about the integrity of their designs. It’s an honor to contribute our expertise and insights to the project to ensure that every detail is executed perfectly, on time and on budget. We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with some incredible architects and designers over the years, including:


Robert Dame Designs
Patrick Berrios Designs
Rice Residential Design
Mirador Group
Collaborative Design Group
David Mullican
Newberry Architecture
Geschke Group Architecture
The Sater Group
Mauricio Vela
Sullivan, Henry, Oggero & Associates


Tami Owen: The Owen Group
Collaborative Design Group
Kevin Spearman Design Group
Marjorie Slovack: Slovack Bass
Tipler Group
Crimson Design Associates
Rosenberg & Gibson Design
Katie Scott Design
Averille Edison Bradley
Peggy Hull: Creative Touch Interiors
Teena Caldwell: Twenty Two Fifty Interiors
Chandos Dodson: Chandos Interiors
Julia Blalock
Mirador Group
Cindy Witmer Designs
Sandra Moon: Joeb Moor & Partners
Sherry Renfrow-Moore
John Kidd Associates
Lisa McCollum
Taylor & Taylor Designs
Craig Smith
Steven Wagner: Noonan/Wagner Design 

Energy Consultant

Toner Home Matters