custom built greek manor


  • Number of bedrooms 6 Bedroom
  • Number of bathrooms 6 full, 2 half
  • Living area footage 10,177 sq Ft / living area
  • Footage 16,523 Sq Ft / covered area

This home’s design perfectly reflected the desires of the homeowner. Originally from Houma, Louisiana, our client wanted a home which reflected his heritage and cultural background. The authentic Greek Revival architecture features proper proportion and scale, extraordinary brick detailing, slate and copper roofing, an elaborate frieze with corbels and triglyphs, historically replicated ironwork, and twelve 30-inch diameter, poured in place, concrete columns on front elevation. The interior offers heavy millwork throughout, with the central stair rotunda capped by an 18' diameter Tiffany-style stained glass dome, backlit from above. With such expansive homes, our challenge is always to create warm, cozy ambiance. In this home, we achieved this with warm tones and an artful blend of materials: brick, copper, wood, stone, granite and iron.

Our homeowner wanted as little serious long-term maintenance as possible. Specifically, they were concerned about the longevity of the front elevation columns. Therefore, we fabricated fiberglass molds for 24' X 30" tapered columns. We then installed the rebar within the forms and poured the columns in place, one at a time, in order to re-use the form. Of course, the foundation was strengthened substantially in order to carry the extra load of the concrete columns. Over 10 years later, our homeowner has not been forced to repair, reinforce, or maintain these columns at all, making for a very happy homeowner.


  • 2-story rotunda
  • 2-story billiard room


Houston's Best PRISM Award:

  • Custom Home of the Year - Over $2.5 Million

Texas Star Awards:

  • Best Custom Home Kitchen

One of Home Builder Digest's Best Greek Revival Homes


  • Building Designer: Robert Dame Designs
  • Interior Designer: Kelly Hann
  • Photographer: Bruce Glass

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