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Lakefront Modern

  • Number of bedrooms 4 Bedroom
  • Number of bathrooms 4 full, 1 half
  • Living area footage 4,226 SQ Ft / living area
  • Footage 7,137 Sq Ft / covered area

This custom home was designed and built for a modern empty-nester couple who desired a visually interesting, yet practical and functional, living space. Our vision for this home was twofold:

  1. Create an open feel and layout that fit the everyday needs of the homeowners. (They were very clear in their desire to avoid the 'oversized home syndrome'.)

  2. Incorporate contemporary features throughout the exterior and interior of the home that were unique in both design and function.

Our efforts throughout the entire project were focused on these goals, going above and beyond every step of the way to achieve them. Along with our homeowners, we have been very pleased with the final result.

As is the case with any high-end custom home, there were many challenges that arose during the design and construction of this residence, all of which revolved around executing the unique and intricate details throughout the exterior and interior of the home.

Specifically, the one-of-a-kind floating staircase and steel and glass pivot front door system proved to be two of the most challenging architectural features of this project. Our team had to design, fabricate, and execute a splayed and radiused steel floating staircase. As the homebuilder, we were charged with finding the highest quality trades to execute this feature, leading the design effort, monitoring fabrication, and managing the installation of the staircase. While the process was long and arduous, there is no doubt that the finished product was worth it. With details like this, it wasn’t surprising that this home received the PRISM award for 2018 custom home of the year!


  • Cantilevered wrap-around terrace overlooking lake
  • Steel pivot front door system
  • Leather-wrapped wall in living room with retractable panels
  • Hidden door to private screening room
  • Rift white oak ceiling in main living areas
  • Stainless steel cable handrails with steel stair stringer


Texas Star Award: 

  • Best Architectural Design $2-$5 Million

Houston's Best PRISM Award:

  • Custom Home of the Year - $1.8-$2.5 Million


  • Building Designer: Robert Dame Designs
  • Interior Designer: Collaborative Design Group
  • Photographer: Steve Chenn

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