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No Challenge Too Great

Through the years, we have certainly held strong to the belief that there is no challenge too great when it comes to pleasing our clients.

One such challenge arose as we were working on a project in the Memorial area a few years ago.  The homeowners envisioned a Spanish Mission style for their home, reminiscent of 1920’s Santa Barbara.  To coincide with their vision, we created a lush, tropical ambience with their landscaping.  Therefore, we went to great lengths to locate and acquire five large king date palm trees.  It was an incredible undertaking to have them transported and planted prior to framing the home.  We employed a 200-ton crane to plant them just after the pouring of the foundation.  It was absolutely essential that we keep them irrigated, drained, and protected throughout the 21-month construction phase of the home.  The homeowners and our team have been delighted with the result.

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Marie Sims

As a veteran team member of Sims Luxury Builders, Marie enjoys sharing what she’s learned with the world.


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