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Marie Sims

Marie Sims
As a veteran team member of Sims Luxury Builders, Marie enjoys sharing what she’s learned with the world. If you have any questions about building or renovating your own custom home, give her a call today!

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Custom Homes

Unveiling Our Green Tree Showcase Home in Tanglewood

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Homebuilding Tips Guides and Checklists Custom Homes

Should You Hire an Architect or Builder First?

If you’ve been researching the opportunity to build your own custom ...
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Custom Homes Design Ideas

How to Choose the Right Interior Designer for You

An interior designer can help you redesign any space in your home, ...
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Giving Back

Sims Luxury Builders Hosts Texas A&M Construction Science Field Trip

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Questions to Ask Renovation Builders / Contractors

You love your home, but lately you’ve been thinking it needs a few ...
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Guides and Checklists

Trying to Choose an Architect? 10 Questions to Ask

Aside from choosing your builder, selecting the right architect for ...
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