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Our Tree Story

We believe the old Scottish poet Alexander Smith had it right when he attested, “Trees are your best antiques.”  There is nothing that evokes a stronger sense of peace and serenity than a beautifully mature tree, and a recent client of ours was willing to go to great lengths to save one.

He came to us a few years ago after purchasing one of the last available lots in Sweetwater, a luxury custom home community in Sugar Land.  With a beautiful decades-old pecan tree sitting nearly in the very center of his lot, he was a bit weary about the sacrifices he would have to make to preserve it.  Nonetheless, he was determined, and so were we.

His home was designed around the tree, with the plans meticulously drawn to allow for necessary space and future growth.  As Pecan trees are common in the Sugar Land area, we were very aware of how sensitive they typically are.  As a result, prior to the start of the project we set up a deep root fertilization program, carefully pruned the tree, and installed a temporary fence around the root perimeter of the tree to protect it during the construction process.

As we do for all of our clients, the home’s construction journey was documented.  The tree’s presence was truly the only constant during the construction process:

Our homeowner has been extremely appreciative of the great effort we have put forth to ensure the survival of his tree.  It will surely be enjoyed for decades to come.


Marie Sims

As a veteran team member of Sims Luxury Builders, Marie enjoys sharing what she’s learned with the world.


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