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Going Green with Reclaimed Materials

Building a home using recycled materials doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality…

Case in point:

In 2007, we began building this home in Riverstone, a Sugar Land community, with two goals in mind:

  • Create a home that was unique to the area in its architectural design and finishes
  • Apply our eco-conscious principles to build an environmentally-friendly home

One way that we reached our second goal was by using recycled materials throughout the home.  We found that the advantages of doing this stretched far beyond preserving raw materials and saving energy.  The truth is, the reclaimed materials that we used greatly enhance the look and feel of this home as well.

Much of the exterior of the home is made up of “Old Chicago” brick, natural clay brick that was reclaimed from old buildings constructed in the Chicago area during the late 1800’s to mid 1900’s. The many colors and quirky imperfections that show up in this brick only add to its appeal and charm.

Beams in the home’s Gameroom were recycled from the railroad trestle which used to cross the Great Salt Lake in Utah.  Upon close inspection, you’ll discover bolt holes, cracks, nail marks, and rust stains that give you a glimpse into its previous life.  Although reclaimed wood costs more than newly harvested timbers due to longer recovery and procurement processes, the final payoff has been worth it.

The flooring in the Master Bedroom was reclaimed from centuries-old homes in France.  While the buildings that this wood is typically recovered from are weathered, worn and decaying, the Oak beams and planks are extremely thick and sturdy.  We found that these floors have an unparalleled rich and authentic appearance.

To see more photos of this home, visit the Louisiana Acadian Portfolio on our website.


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