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Giving Hope for Three

Through the years, we have had the pleasure of building many beautiful homes for our fortunate and gracious homeowners.  Now more than ever we have recognized our duty to use our experience and resources to give back to our community.  “These are difficult times and everyone should be willing to pitch in… starting with us,” Chris says.

The most recent community involvement project that was presented to us hit particularly close to home.  The beautiful grand-daughter of our very own Administrative Assistant was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder early last year, which prompted her family to beginning getting involved with an organization called Hope For Three.  The family that helped to create this organization was in need of a few home renovations in order to better accommodate their family of six, which includes identical triplets each diagnosed with Autism.  Recognizing a perfect fit, Chris decided to contribute by installing new tile floors throughout the family’s home.

We would like to thank Hope’s family for allowing us to play a part in this very worthy cause.  We would also like to recognize the little girl who spurred our involvement to begin with… she also happens to be the cover girl of the new 2012 Hope for Three calendar!

If you are interested in learning more about Autism and the Hope for Three organization, feel free to visit their website at

Giving Back

Marie Sims

As a veteran team member of Sims Luxury Builders, Marie enjoys sharing what she’s learned with the world.


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