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Custom Home Design Trends 2022

custom home designs 2022

As we settle into a new post-pandemic normal-of-sorts, we’ve certainly gained perspective and wisdom as it relates to our homes. Our homeowners have a deepened understanding of what they want from the spaces in which they wish to live. This intentionality, uniqueness, and creativity is the through line in all of the trends we’re seeing for 2022. From layering bold, saturated colors with unique patterns and textures, to incorporating quiet, mindful spaces and organic shapes and materials, all of these trends encourage self-reflection and celebrate self-expression.

Greens and Browns

After years of waning popularity, BROWN is back! From deep chocolate to camel and caramel hues, we’re seeing more and more brown being embraced in custom homes. In addition, the brewing popularity of GREEN that we saw in the second half of last year has blossomed into a full-blown obsession. Deep, rich tones of green have worked their way into many of the homes we’re currently building or have recently completed. Is it any coincidence that after a couple years of pandemic life, we’re embracing two of mother nature’s most beautiful color creations?

1 Greens and Browns - 1
1 Greens and Browns - 2
1 Greens and Browns - 3
1 Greens and Browns - 4

Natural Elements

It looks like the trend of incorporating nature-inspired surfaces and objects into our homes is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. Inviting natural light and quality ventilation into each space is a must, and incorporating organic materials like wood, stone, or hand-crafted masonry is maintaining popularity. We’ll continue to see botanical, animal, and floral-inspired prints in fabric, upholstery, and wallpaper throughout this year. Referred to as biophilic design in the architecture and interior design world, this concept is all about creating a visual connection with nature and enjoying the positive health and environmental benefits that come with that.

2 Natural Elements - 1

2 Natural Elements - 2
2 Natural Elements - 3
2 Natural Elements - 4

Dark Kitchens and Bathrooms

One trend that’s gaining steam has surprised many of our homeowners. Dark and moody kitchens and bathrooms are all the rage among interior design insiders, and this trend has been embraced by some clients and approached with skepticism by others. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing several of our homeowners take risks with their kitchens and bathrooms over the last many months. They are looking forward to the mood and drama that these spaces in their homes will invoke, and we are too!

3 Dark Kitchens and Bathrooms - 1-1
3 Dark Kitchens and Bathrooms - 2
3 Dark Kitchens and Bathrooms - 3
3 Dark Kitchens and Bathrooms - 4-1

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Bold Colors and Patterns

In contrast with the “dark and moody kitchen” trend above, just about EVERYONE seems to be embracing this next trend. Interior designers and homeowners alike are eager to strategically incorporate bold colors and patterns into spaces throughout their homes. For those homeowners that aren’t ready to dive into the deep end with a dark kitchen, embracing bold color and patterns seems to be just the right level of design risk taking. Each individual is encouraged to find the deep, rich colors that speak to them the most and layer those in with surprising patterns and accent pieces… all to create a look that is perfectly and uniquely THEM.

4 Bold Colors and Patterns - 1
4 Bold Colors and Patterns - 2-14 Bold Colors and Patterns - 34 Bold Colors and Patterns - 4

Vintage and Sustainable Accents

Long gone are the days of matchy-matchy furniture and materials. Instead, we’ve come to appreciate the beauty of one-of-a-kind artisanal finishes, furnishings, textiles, décor, and artwork. Embracing vintage is very much in vogue, with the surge of the “grandmillenial” (aka granny chic) style and the push towards repurposing and sustainability. The benefits of this are many, including higher quality, longevity, support for local artists and small businesses, and a deeper connection to the things we surround ourselves with.

5 Vintage - 1
5 Vintage - 2
5 Vintage - 3
5 Vintage - 4

Mixing Patterns and Textures

The trend of mixing multiple patterns, textures, and material types in a single space is all about thoughtful and intentional layering. Any amount of mixing provides more depth and visual stimulation in a space; some homeowners enjoy an understated, highly edited mix of patterns and textures while others are embracing the creativity and fun that comes with a mentality of “the more the merrier.”

6 Mixing Patterns and Textures - 1-1
6 Mixing Patterns and Textures - 2
6 Mixing Patterns and Textures - 3
6 Mixing Patterns and Textures - 4-1

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Curved Furniture Pieces

We’ve been seeing an uptick in sculptural shapes and organic lines in recent years, and 2022 will be no different. Wall finishes, tile design, and furniture pieces are exploring sloped lines, curved silhouettes, and asymmetric shapes, which is very consistent with the creativity and uniqueness present in all of the other trends above.

7 Curved Furniture - 1
7 Curved Furniture - 2
7 Curved Furniture - 3-1
7 Curved Furniture - 4

Mindful Spaces

Each and every one of us has recognized the need for having a dedicated corner of our home in which we can reflect and recharge on a regular basis. Our homeowners have become increasingly intentional about designing such a space into their homes. We’ve incorporated prayer rooms, spa-like bathrooms, meditation “zen dens,” steam showers, personal saunas, and much more. While the hard finishes and décor differ from space to space depending on personal aesthetic, the intention is always the same… create an environment that cultivates a more mindful and present approach to everyday life.

8 Mindful Spaces - 1-1
8 Mindful Spaces - 2-1
8 Mindful Spaces - 3-1
8 Mindful Spaces - 4

As you envision what your home could become in the coming year, you may choose to incorporate some of these trends we’re seeing… or you may not! That truly is the essence of each of this year’s design trends… YOU get to create the home that YOU want and love. Happy curating!

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