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Quartzite vs. Quartz

quarts vs quartzite

So, what IS the difference between QUARTZITE and QUARTZ? Don’t feel bad if you’re not sure… the truth is, even some industry experts and design-savvy clients get confused between the two materials! Because we get this question so often when our homeowners begin exploring different material options for their countertops, we thought we’d just write a quick blog article explaining the differences... because there are many!

The first and most important difference is that QUARTZITE is NATURAL STONE and QUARTZ is MANMADE. In other words, Quartzite is extracted from the earth whereas Quartz is an engineered composite, often made to resemble natural stone.

For some, the uniqueness and inherent inconsistency in veining and coloration of Quartzite (natural stone) is what enhances its charm and beauty. For others, the uniformity and repetition in veining and coloration of Quartz (manmade composite) is a quality they like.

Both Quartzite and Quartz are very durable options for the countertops in your home. While Quartzite in its natural form can be even harder than granite, it loses some of that strength when it goes through the compression processing that is required to prepare it for purchase. In the end, natural Quartzite is still harder and more scratch resistant than manmade Quartz.

When it comes to heat resistance, Quartzite wins over Quartz. BUT, when it comes to stain resistance, Quartz wins over Quartzite! (Pro Tip: If you’re installing Quartzite in your home, you can increase its stain resistance by sealing it regularly.)

Here are some photos illustrating the different looks of Quartzite and Quartz countertops:


1 Quartzite 1
1 Quartzite 2
1 Quartzite 3
1 Quartzite 4


2 Quartz 1
2 Quartz 2
2 Quartz 3
2 Quartz 4

We hope this little crash course in the differences between Quartzite and Quartz has been helpful. If you remember that QUARTZITE is NATURAL STONE and QUARTZ is MANMADE, then you’re already ahead of the curve!

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