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Sneak Peek: La Colombe d'Or Mansion

There is something extra special about completing historic renovations. We don’t just feel like we’re preserving old buildings... we’re preserving the memories made within them, the stories told about them... and an appreciation for the blessings of today that comes from reflecting on the bygone ways of yesterday.

This year, we’ve had the immense pleasure of renovating one of Houston’s most treasured landmarks, the La Colombe d’Or Mansion. Built in 1923 and originally named the Fondren Mansion, this family home turned boutique hotel has been a fixture of Montrose Boulevard for nearly a century. Breathing new life into this historic building has taken surgical precision, extraordinary collaboration, and a whole lot of brain cells. And we’ve loved every second of it.

As we near completion on this rewarding project, we’d like to share a bit of a “sneak peek” with all of you. Stay tuned early next year for the official unveiling!

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Marie Sims

As a veteran team member of Sims Luxury Builders, Marie enjoys sharing what she’s learned with the world.


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